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Monday, January 14, 2013

Passion Project Scholarship - Whistler, March 1-31, 2013

*This is one of my most passionate friends, Megan, riding her beloved tandem (an import from San Fran).  She is positively passionate about life.  As you can see she is pregnant here... at Burningman.  Yes, Burningman.  Pregnant.  Most women need a boat load of pickles and daily meditation to deal with their pregnancy.  Instead, Megan dances.  She is the winner of most inspiring mom prize and passionately positive person even when her now borne children go awol, she keeps her passion cool.  She is also doing most of the peddling here while I clean my sunglasses.*

One Fully Funded Scholarship 
March 1-31st, Level One, 200 Hr training

Passion. Project it Now. Like a Howling Wolf.  
In Whistler.

This is the third time I will be offering a fully funded scholarship for my 200Hr program here in Whistler this March 1-31st, 2013 at The Brewcreek Center:  The deadline is quick (again, I know, I apologize for my tardiness): by Feb 1st.  

See below details to how enter.

Andrea Helleman was the recipient of the last Passion Project, Nicaragua, 2012.  Check out her entry video that had me at the heart strings and saying Yes:

What is it?  

Passion is what colors the movement of my own life’s work. I promised myself when I was a kid that I’d always love what I do and do what I love no matter what. If you look back at the most brilliant artists, revolutionaries and teachers of our time, each of them had a unique energy that fired them up to spread their message whether their medium was paint, a yoga mat or a soapbox.

When life becomes a vehicle for doing what you love and are excited about – it’s inevitable that your positivity will have a ripple effect and abundance will triple its way back to you. It is my intention through this project to spur whatever it is inside you that you have been holding off on creating – your wildest and biggest dreams – to actually do it. One of the rewards that will come your way will include a spot on the mat with me and several other beautiful yogis at the annual 200Hr Art & Sacred Science of Yoga this March 1-31st, 2013 at The Brewcreek Center.  The program runs Mon-Fri, 9-5pm, weekends off.  It's ideal for those who want to stay local or aren't interested in travel.

The Deal:

My challenge to you is to create a program based on what fires you up. It can be environmental, artistic, business-oriented, community-based, yoga-based – really, anything at all that has a pay-it-forward effect. Upon being accepted, you will join me in Whistler and you will make a promise to yourself and the world that you will see the project through to the very end within the year. By March 31st, 2014, quantifiable/qualitative results must be met.  I will be checking in intermittently throughout the year to see how it’s going – but ultimately this is 100% up to you.  I will not be holding your hand to do this.

Value of Scholarship: $2500 CDN
What’s included in the scholarship: 200hr Yoga Alliance certification – upon full completion of the program.  
What isn’t included: Airfare for out-of-town students, yoga mat, yoga books, your accom/driving to and from Brewcreek, food etc. 

About the 200Hr program:   This is a Level One, 200Hr Yoga Alliance accredited program for new teachers or keen students looking to deepen their knowledge in all aspects of yoga: asana, pranayama, meditation, Sanskrit, mantra, history, philosophy, energy anatomy and teaching methodology. The course is a day program, 9-5pm, Mon to Friday, March 1 - 31st, with weekends off. Zoey Stimpson will be the anatomy teacher and on-site assistant throughout the program.  Zoey is positive and bright addition to our time together and an incredible anatomy teacher. Crystal Jennings will also be an assistant during morning practice and an extra shoulder to lean on.  Both Zoey and Crystal are senior teachers and graduates of my program (fall/spring 2010) and have continued their studies with other advanced teachers including Seane Corn and Chris Chavez.  (Go to for more information).

How to apply: 

1.     Email me a detailed one-page letter about why yoga is important to you, why you want to immerse in Whistler for 21 days and anything else you would like to share about yourself that will paint me a better picture of you.  (No novels here, 300-500 will do!)

 2.     Please include a reference letter (scan and email) from a teacher/co-worker/boss – basically someone who isn’t related to you and has your back on this and can attest to your commitment to your idea.

 3.     Choose your Passion Project.  Key words to think about when putting together your plan of action/proposal for the year ahead: creativity, ingenuity, fire, spirited, something you are equally excited/freaked out to do, soulful, movement, inspiration, brave (it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says about it, so long as you love it) helpful, contagious kindness, artistic, experimental, pioneering, abundant, worldly, humanitarian, colorful, whole-hearted and of course, passionate. 

 4.     In a proposal format (separate from your above letter) tell me your vision and plan it out in detail as though it WILL happen.   See below.  

 5.     The detail of your plan can look like this (unless you think of a better way of doing it…   a) Your project name b) The location(s) of it c) About the Project and why it is important to you d) The Plan (How You are Going to Do it):  Be DETAILED and SPECIFIC showing me a one-year projected plan.  Please think-out the year as best as you can and break it up into detailed parts.  It can either be month to month, or seasonally – this is the “how you plan to do it” component.  How do you intend to see through various parts of the project in one year?  

 EXAMPLE (this is an example for you to roughly follow, not me pushing that a green-agenda will be the recipient. Please also use more detail then I have in the below):

 Project Name:  For The PlanetLocations:  Whistler, Vancouver, Lower Mainland

 About the Project:  This project is an environmental initiative. I have always been drawn to nature as a kid…and I’m going to implement a green bin project by doing fill in the blanks.  And this is why you I am passionate about it. 

 The Plan:   

April 2013 – In point form concisely break down how you plan to carry out your vision.        -     Buy laptop and get started      -      Meet with Mr. So and So and gather team members-       Plan to meet with Vancouver council-       Research sustainability projects/businesses in downtown Vancouver  
May 1st- Sept 1st Have Green boxes produced-       Facebook Marketing Project-       Plan fundraiser 

Sept 1st – Feb 1st:-       Hold fundraiser-       Create small business plan

March 1, 2014 – DONE!  What will the completion/start of a new chapter look like?  PROJECT COMPLETE this will happen and this will happen and I will do this and then this and the world will be electric.  ha (I’m hoping it may just be the beginning of something amazing for you that you will continue to carry on). 

Be as creative as you like in how this proposal looks, if the above doesn’t work with your vision.  So long as it is clear, concise, creative and has substance.  

Have me hooked and I will gladly have you at Brewcreek.

FOR THOSE WHO DO AN AMAZING JOB but aren't granted full scholarship, I will support your idea and deduct $500 from your tuition fee.  Again, it has to be big, in detail and fully committed to on your part in order to receive my support.  

Deadline for application is February 1, 2013:  

Please submit the below to me by email:

Email entitled: Passion Project Entry & Your Name - no later then midnight, February 1st.  No late entries will be accepted.  I will be away in NYC reading your applications and deciding from there.  I will email/call you in person if you are the recipient of the scholarship (I will be in NYC and in school so an email may be the only way) and then will announce it via fbook as well.
Good luck, peace and much love to you,  Julia

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